Improvement continues for champion Rachel Alexandra

Stonestreet Farm release:

Champion Rachel Alexandra continues to show improvement as she recovers from abdominal surgery as a result of foaling complications last week. Her attending veterinarians at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Dr. Brett Woodie and Dr. Bonnie Barr are pleased with the progress the 2009 Horse of the Year has made, which has included several short walks a day and an improved appetite this week.

As her diet becomes more normal, Dr. Woodie is encouraged that her gastro-intestinal function is improving, as well as her ‘feisty’ attitude.

Her medical team completed the course of post-surgery abdominal lavages on Tuesday and the two drains placed in her abdomen were removed.

While the road towards recovery remains long with many hurdles to overcome, Stonestreet’s Barbara Banke and Rachel Alexandra’s team at Rood & Riddle are both inspired by her strength and happy with her progress in the week following surgery.

Following the ‘no news is good news’ theme, please expect the next official update on her condition on Saturday, February 23rd unless her condition changes.