Rachel Alexandra still serious, but “brighter” on Friday

Stonestreet press release:

Champion Rachel Alexandra’s condition remained serious at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital on Friday following surgery to repair a section of her small colon. The attending veterinarians on her case, Dr. Bonnie Barr and Dr. Brett Woodie, are pleased with her progress, with Dr. Barr calling her a “strong mare”. Her vital signs remain normal and she was brighter, more alert and demonstrating an improved attitude on Friday afternoon.

“She looks better today,” said owner Barbara Banke. “ Rachel is a determined fighter. It makes me feel better that she was happy to have a mint. I want to thank all her fans for their incredible devotion to Rachel. Your thoughts mean so much right now.”

Rachel’s foal continues to do well. She has adjusted well to her nurse mare and enjoyed paddock turnout on Friday at Stonestreet.

Rachel Alexandra, the 2009 Horse of the Year, was admitted into Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital on Wednesday, February 13th, one day after delivering a 140-pound Bernardini filly. She underwent exploratory abdominal surgery to determine the cause of excess fluid in her abdominal cavity denoting an infection. A damaged section of her small colon was then repaired in a long and technically demanding procedure.

2 Responses to “Rachel Alexandra still serious, but “brighter” on Friday”

  1. 1 nancy February 15, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    thank you for keeping
    all of us informed on rachels progress
    wishing her a fast recovery and stay strong. !
    please give her a mint for me, she is a beautiful and strong throughbred.
    love ya rachel!

  2. 2 Kathy February 16, 2013 at 5:31 am

    Hello, I am sorry to hear about Rachel’s condition. I have something that I believe could have great effects for her. It is Bovine Colostrum. I have a site that sells 100% pure colostrum that has been tested by Cornell University and others and was proven to be less than 6 hours collected. This is very important along with being from GMO free cows with no antibiotics. Colostrum will build the immune system along with killing the infections. It’s greatest work is in the gut. It cured my horse who was diagnoised with level 4 ulcers and colitis of the colon. All is gone and has been documented. It also healed bites from the brown recluse spider. The bites blew out 7 holes in his rear leg. In 15 days all the holes healed with new hair growth and healed the first large one in a little of 30 days. A girl in North Carolina had a horse bite by a recluse a month later and had to go through a few surguries. They were ready to put the horse down as they could not the infection eating away tissue, when they purchased the colostrum and started applying it to the wound. In 7 days they told me he was doing better and the hole was healing. He is now well on his way to recovery. If you go into the site: http://www.theallnaturalway.com click on testimonials. The first one there is a short video about my horses recluse spider bite. Please, get her some colostrum. The Kilo size will last a month. Give her 2 oz mixed with flax oil, or rice bran oil in a syringe down her mouth 3 times a day. I would say you would see a remarkable difference with in 7 days or less. Thanks good luck and God Bless, Kathy in Massachusetts

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